II Level | Italian Cooking


30-hours course, with weekly lessons of 3 hours each, all in the laboratory.


The participants will learn the basic techniques of meal preparation and cooking: vegetable broths, bleaching, steaming.

Meat: white and red (cuts and their uses); technique the cleaning and cooking; meat broths, light broths

brown stock; demi glass

The fish: cleaning and filleting a fish; cleaning, fish broth

Pasta and bread: the various types of pasta, egg and semolina pasta; gnocchi, parigini; molding

and baking of bread, focacce, bread sticks (grissini), pizza, the flours, stretch and folding

Types and basic preparation of sauces: vegetarian sauces, meat, fish, vegetable sauce,

white meat, red meat; types of combination of sauce and pasta; use of cooking broths


The courses are structured into levels based upon ability and knowledge as required by the European Regulation (EQF levels).

A recognized diploma is awarded by the training agency accredited by the Tuscany Region.

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