Pizza and Gelato

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Under the guidance of an expert chef, this course reveals to participants the principals and practices behind the Italian tradition of wood-fire Pizza and artisanal Gelato and sorbet.

Lessons are held all year round on Wednesday at 5:30.

Lessons can be held in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Altogether, participants will learn to prepare a pizza and two gelato/sorbet flavors, after the lesson, you will have a dinner in our wine cellar with the dishes prepared, the whole session lasts approximately 3 hours.

The options of gelato are:

  • vanilla,
  • chocolate,
  • stracciatella,
  • cream,
  • pistachio, etc,

And the options of sorbet are:

  • pineapple,
  • strawberry, and
  • lemon

Note: We can provide a vegetarian/vegan option, as well as other dietary restrictions (gluten free, lactose intolerant, no seafood, etc.), you need to tell us at time of booking.

This lesson includes: the meal, bottled water, Tuscany wine, and recipes of what you prepared.


Event Date
Available place
Event Date 06/10/2022 17:00
Event End Date 06/10/2022 20:30
Available place 12
€ 55,01 12
Event Date 13/10/2022 17:00
Event End Date 13/10/2022 20:30
Available place 12
€ 55,01 12
Event Date 20/10/2022 17:00
Event End Date 20/10/2022 20:30
Available place 12
€ 55,01 12
Event Date 27/10/2022 17:00
Event End Date 27/10/2022 20:30
Available place 12
€ 55,01 12